REMOURBAN: A Horizon 2020 Project


REMOURBAN (Regeneration Model for accelerating the smart URBAN transformation) is a demonstrative lighthouse project designed to implement an urban regeneration model. It is funded by Horizon 2020 and is committed to a sustainable transformation of the city through energy efficiency, electric mobility and digital platforms. It aims to improve the quality of life for all citizens and accelerate the transformation of European cities into smart urban areas for social progress, environmental regeneration and economic growth.

The overall objectives of the project are:

  • to develop, validate and guarantee the replicability of a sustainable urban regeneration model
  • to accelerate the development of innovative technologies, organisational and economic solutions
  • to significantly increase resource and energy efficiency, improve the sustainability of urban transport and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas

There are 3 Lighthouse cities involved in the project, Valladolid (Spain), Nottingham (UK) and Eskisehir (Turkey), there are also 2 fellow/follower cites involved, Seraing (Belgium) and Miskolc (Hungary).

The lighthouse cities are the ones piloting, testing and creating the model for sustainable urban development, the plan is that this is then used by the follower cities in order to prove that the solutions are replicable across cities. The long term aim of such projects is to create a knowledge and understanding about different methods of development that can then be utilised by other cities. So, rather than every city ploughing its own path towards sustainable development they can learn from the mistakes that others made and therefore give their own development projects a greater chance of success.

Led by the CARTIF Technology Center, it encompasses a large international consortium of 22 partners. In Spain, the city of Valladolid works with companies like Acciona, Iberdrola, Xeridia, GMV, and Veolia. They are in charge of implementing solutions in the Valladolid neighborhood of Grupo Fasa-Renault in Delicias, specifically in this area they are focussing on solutions to improve energy efficiency. Across the rest of the city they are working with partners to deliver new solutions and options related to electric mobility.

With a duration of five years, REMOURBAN has a total budget of 23.8 M €, of which 21.5 will be financed by the EU. The project was started in 2015, so we should be starting to see some real changes and implementable solutions coming from the project very soon.

Citizen participation is a fundamental pillar of the REMOURBAN project and will be enhanced by the development of a powerful information strategy. This strategy will be enabled by city-wide information collection platforms in the lighthouse cities.

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