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Iceland finds a New Way of using Geothermal Power

source: Alexandre Godreau / unsplash.com

Reykjavik is, as I am sure many of you already know, one of the greenest European cities. The capital city of Iceland landed on top in terms of making the most from the volcanoes spread all over the Nordic island.

With a total of 30 active volcanoes, it would have been a shame for the country not to use the geothermal power that they have on their doorstep. Reykjavik, in particular, has the largest geo-thermal heating system in the world and all of it comes from hydrothermal energy. Moreover, all of the electrical requirements of the city are sustained from these power sources.

And they don’t want to stop here!

Engineers from the Nordic island have drilled into a volcano in the means of finding clean energy, hoping to produce up to ten times more power than the conventional geothermal wells.

How does this work?℃

They drilled a hole into the pedosphere, almost 5000 metres deep, straight to the heart of the Reykjanes volcano, into a superheated rock close to the magma chamber. The next step is for the engineers to inject water into the well to increase the temperature from 427℃ to 500℃.

It is expected that the high temperature and extreme pressure will produce supercritical steam, which is neither gas nor liquid, but it will most certainly produce more energy.

Currently, 25% of Iceland’s energy comes from geothermal sources. If this way of producing power succeeds, it is expected that the percentage will rise in the near future.