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Head of German Environment Agency calls for Electric Vehicles Quotas

Image: Clean Technica

The Head of the German Environment Agency (UBA) said that auto manufacturers should be assigned minimum electric vehicle sales quotas.

Maria Krautzenberger said in an interview with the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit that, in order for the country to meet climate change goals, it is necessary to set up a minimum number of EV’s to be sold by manufacturers.

In the interview, Krautzenberger was also ‘highly critical of the car industry and German government subsidies for diesel cars.’

These comments are coming in the light of Germany’s current car fleet situation and the urge to be able to meet climate change goals. There are 42 million cars on the country’s roads, out of which only 25,000 are electric.

The head of UBA saida target of 12 million electric vehicles is an ambitious goal, which we won’t reach if we rely solely on the car industry. That’s why we need to give carmakers a quota.

Krautzenberger provided the examples of California and China, as they have or will implement a quota system.

I know this is controversial, but it’s been successful in California, and they’re now introducing such quotas in China. Quotas give the makers security of planning. We’ve done the maths: if we want to hit the CO2 reduction target for traffic for 2030, we need 3-12% of the fleet to be electric by 2020, 30-32% by 2025, and 60-70% by 2030.

The agency has already set non-binding targets, 150 EVs per 1,000 inhabitants. Hamburg has the highest EV fleet up to 426 and is followed by Berlin with 335 cars.