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By 2027, 60% of India’s Electricity will be Fossil-Free

source: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/india

India has plans to achieve a level of 60% green electricity by the year 2027, which exceeds the target set in the Paris climate agreement by almost 20%.

The South-Asian country is rethinking its energy strategy, with the new one focusing more on the use of renewables and the dispatch of coal-fired plants. It is currently seeking foreign investment which could help to support the implementation of the strategy. So far, they have the support of Japan’s Softbank and Taiwanese company Foxconn, which have committed to this cause by investing $20 billion. Furthermore, French-owned EDF will also invest $2 billion in renewables.

With the continued growth in the use of renewables, India is also looking to the wind and solar power to provide most of its energy requirements, as this will help them in getting rid of fossil fuels. Let’s not forget that the world’s 2nd biggest solar power plant is located in India’s Tamil Nadu, at the time of its opening in 2016 it was the largest solar power plant, but that has recently been overtaken by one in China.

In the wake of continuing new developments in this field, India is eager to embrace new times. It is one of the most active countries in terms of smart cities, city development, the use of renewables, building green and the list can go on.

Keep up the good work, India.