Finland to Ban Coal for Good


We all know that Finland is one of the most developed countries in the world. If something needs to happen in one environment, in terms of education, mobility, transportation or whatever, the usual say is “take an example from the Nordic countries”, of which Finland is a part.

And truth be told, we really have examples to look up to.

Finland has announced that it has plans to ban the use of coal for energy production, as part of a new climate strategy. It hasn’t really come as surprise for anyone, as coal use has been declining since 2011.

There has been heavy investment in renewable energies since 2012 and as a result, the energy prices have been dropping, with the exception of coal. The traditional worldwide energy maker now only provides 8% of the nation’s energy.

The Government plans to completely ban coal by the year 2030, making Finland the first country to step up to the game and putting it ahead of other countries on this matter.

Renewables have been gaining popularity and usage – with 2016 being the first year in which renewables have outstripped coal in the production of energy across the globe.

Finland is not the only country with plans to ban the use of coal. United Kingdom, Austria, and the Netherlands are other European countries that have announced plans to phase it out. Worldwide, only Canada has announced the same intention to ban its use by 2030.