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US to help develop new Indian Smart Cities

source: US Embassy New Delhi

It seems that India is on top of the innovation process. The Asian country has come up front on developing itself from a country of discrepancies to one that embraces smart cities. Only weeks ago it was announced that they would use geo-spatial technology in their urban planning strategies, as part of their strategy to build one hundred smart cities across the country.

It seems that the US has taken an interest in the development of India, so they have offered their support and partnership regarding the evolution of smart cities. These two countries have partnered up to develop the cities of Allahabad, Ajmer, and Visakhapatnam and they want more.

A top US Commerce Department said that “the US is exploring new partnership opportunities for developing more smart cities across India, which is one area in which India and the US have made a lot of progress during the past several years”.

The US agreed to assist the cities in project planning, feasibility studies, capacity building and infrastructure development. During Obama’s administration, several promising new initiatives have taken place between these two countries.