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New School Program will Teach Children How to Save Energy


Fifth graders in New York and Westchester County, N.Y. will learn how to save energy thanks to a school-based energy education program.

Through the Smart Kids Energy Efficiency Program, 5th graders will be educated about the role energy plays in their daily lives, they will also be provided the proper tools to help them learn real-world energy-saving tactics. The program is designed to meet New York’s state education standards and according to a press release  “uses in-class curriculum, instruction, and hands-on activities to impress the importance of energy savings on students and their families, while creating informed and energy-literate ratepayers.

Our Smart Kids program educates students on energy efficiency improvements that they can make at home and our kits give them the tools to do so,” said Vicki Kuo, Director of Energy Efficiency for Con Edison. “They can take the lessons they learn home to their families and help their households reduce their energy usage and save money by installing LED lightbulbs and energy-efficient faucet aerators.

In the same press release the program initiators claim that after completion of the Con Edison Smart Kids Energy Efficiency Program, the program participants have the potential to save more than 11,000 MWh of electricity, reduce demand by 300 kW and save more than 360,000 therms of gas annually.

Education is one of the key strategies that should be implemented to enable the vision of a sustainable future….and the time is now. We are in full transition towards greener modes of living, we have the theoretical knowledge of what is causing the problems and how we can act against rising global temperatures. Therefore it is mandatory, just as it is logical, to educate the younger generation in the spirit of sustainability.