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Beijing will begin its Transition to Electric Taxis

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One of the world’s most polluted cities is making steps towards the transition to electric taxis.

According to a draft work program on air pollution control for Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, published by National Business Daily, all registered taxis will be converted to electricity.

In a city with a 70,000 car fleet and a population of 2 million people, the transition is not expected to be easy.

The municipality of Beijing has plans to improve e-car infrastructure as well, according to Chinese press by 2020 Beijing will build 435,000 charging points to support a fleet of 600,000 electric cars.

If Beijing can speed up the construction of charging facilities at the same time, it will yield significant results, Cui Dongshu, the secretary-general of the National Passenger Cars Association, told NBD in an interview.

The transition will cost taxi companies nine billion yuan (1.3 billion US dollars) which is not an easy challenge for them as electric vehicles cost double the amount of gasoline powered cars. Liu Jinliang, Chairman of Geely’s ride-hailing arm Caocao, hopes the government can grant subsidies to new-energy taxis, which he says will help to motivate more enterprises.