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Major Investment in Waste Management Projects in Romania


Several counties in Romania have been given the green light to receive additional EU funding for major waste management projects.

Eleven projects based on transport, natural disaster prevention, water supply and integrated waste management were signed for continuation by the European commissioner for regional policy, Corina Cretu, adding more than €500 million to the completion budget.

Six of the projects are directed at the modernisation of waste management systems, including works on expanding waste deposits to include the separation, collection, transport, clearing, recycling and elimination activities.

One of the main investments will be the construction of a modern waste incinerator in the country’s capital, Bucharest, which is due to be finished by 2020 and will absorb a €180 million grant from the EU’s Large Infrastructure Operational Program.

All projects now have the backing of the government and have been declared a top priority by the newly installed Minister of Environment in Romania. Further assurance for the completion of the projects comes from the Deputy Mayor of Bucharest who made the construction of the waste incinerator one of the administration’s main priorities.