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Smart City Success Factors – Patrick Driscoll Interview

What makes Nordic Smart Cities different? Is it the focus on integrated planning approaches that incorporate social, environmental, and economic goals within a holistic...

Nordic Region

Smart Campuses as a Test Bed for Innovative Smart City Solutions

Universities have always been a hub for new ideas and innovation, with the rise of smart technologies over the course of the past 10...

Western Europe

Smart City Vienna – exclusive interview with Andreas Trisko

Every year the consulting company Mercer produce a study on the liveability and quality of life that different cities provide, for the past 8...

Eastern Europe

Co-Creating in Wroclaw – a research paper by Karolina Peret &...

How do you engage people in urban planning? Everyone talks about the importance of Smart Cities and an engaged citizenry but very few experiments...

Rest of the World

Could the Moon Solve our Energy Needs?

For millennia humans have looked up at the Moon with wonder, it has been at the forefront human exploration beyond our planet over the...

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Economic Innovation: Talent migration and Attraction into Smart Regions

Daniel Sarasa Funes Smart City Program Manager City of Zaragoza Vitor Pereira Conteudo Chave CCO Mari Taverne Network Manager TREDEA Dan Rosenberg Senior Talent Acquisition Manager  Copenhagen Capacity Daria Batukhtina Technology Evangelist  

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